Stretch Ceilings

Caribbean LED Solutions’ custom backlit stretch ceiling products are a fusion of aesthetic versatility and practical functionality. Crafted from high-quality plastic film, these stretch ceilings are backlit with advanced LED technology, offering a seamless and elegant finish. Each ceiling is custom-manufactured, ensuring a unique and personalized touch to every project. Our LED technology and engineering is our secret to building an everlasting backlit stretch ceiling solution. Customers will need to send us their project details and lighting goals for us to quote on the tailored system for your application.


These specifications illustrate our commitment to providing products that are not only aesthetically superior but also technically advanced. Our stretch ceilings and lighting systems are value engineered designed to meet your project expectations.


Stretch Ceiling Specifications:


new moon   Material Quality and Weight:


new moon   Net Weight: Ranging from 240 to 320 g/m2, our stretch ceilings balance lightweight design with robust quality.

new moon   Afford Weight: Capable of supporting up to 195kg per square meter, ensuring structural integrity.

new moon   PVC fire rating: B1


new moon   Thickness and Translucency:


new moon   Thickness: Precisely calibrated at 0.18 mm with a tolerance of ±10 percent, for optimal durability and aesthetic appeal.

new moon   Translucent Rate: Diverse options for different effects – 75% for translucent film, 25-30% for lacquer film, 35-40% for matte film, and 10-25% for suede film.


new moon   Durability and Resistance:


new moon   Working Temperature: Exceptional performance in extreme temperatures, from -30 to 65 degrees Celsius.

new moon   Maximum Tensile Strength: Up to 17 MPa, showcasing remarkable resilience.

new moon   Ultimate Tensile Strength: 30 N, both lengthwise and edgewise, ensuring longevity and resistance to wear.


new moon   Light Interaction and Hardness:


new moon   Light Absorption Coefficient: Ranges from 30% in film canvases with a mirror effect, allowing for creative lighting solutions.

new moon   Shore Hardness Number: Rated at 41±2, indicating a high level of durability and resistance to indentation.


new moon   Hygiene and Maintenance:


new moon   Maintenance free: as its entirely waterproof and vapour proof. You can use a damp cloth to clean if required.

new moon   Non-toxic and hygienic: excellent for commercial and medical applications.


LED Products:

Spread Flexistrip Series

Signage Modules

LED Flex Tile


How does it work?

Measure the dimensions of the ceiling design (Irregular shapes will require an Auto Cad drawing). Next, indicate if the lighting system is purely for aesthetic or to create functional lighting levels for a specific task or commercial requirement. Finally, send us an email with your project requirements and we’ll setup an online meeting to discuss your final anticipated outcome.


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