Unleash your imagination with ColorFlex Spectrum DMX, our cutting-edge LED tape light designed to transform your spaces into captivating visual spectacles. Powered by advanced 4-in-1 LED chip RGBW with DMX control, this tape
light offers unprecedented creative freedom with individual segment color control, animations, and a vast array of colors to create extraordinary lighting experiences.




  • CCT/Color: RGB + 5000K
  • Input Voltage: 24 VDC
  • Power Consumption (Max): 18 W/m (5.49 W/ft)
  • IP Rating: IP20 (Indoor)
  • Dimming Protocol: DMX Control
  • CRI: 80+
  • PCB Width: 12 mm (1/2 in)
  • Cut Segment: 100 mm (4 in)
  • Max Serial Run: 5 m (16 ft)
  • Beam Angle: 120°
  • Lumens: 745 lm/m
  • DMX Chip Model: UCS512H4L


Product Description

Key Features:
4-in-1 LED Chip RGBW with DMX Control: Prepare to be amazed by the possibilities. ColorFlex Spectrum DMX’s 4-in-1 LED chip RGBW technology, combined with DMX control, empowers you to orchestrate a symphony of colors and movements with precision.
Limitless Colors in Motion: Experience lighting like never before with individual segment color control. Unleash dynamic color transitions, captivating chases, and fluid animations, bringing your designs to life with fluid and mesmerizing motion.
Captivating Animations: Redefine visual storytelling with customizable animations. Elevate spaces with animated color flows, dream-like gradients, and pulsating lighting scenes that captivate and enthrall any audience.
Commercial-Grade Durability: Crafted for enduring performance, ColorFlex Spectrum DMX is built to thrive in commercial settings. Its robust design ensures consistent brilliance and reliability, even in the most demanding installations.
Versatile Application: From architectural wonders to entertainment venues, ColorFlex Spectrum DMX amplifies your creativity. Accentuate architectural features, create immersive lighting shows, and elevate environments with dynamic and interactive lighting.
Seamless DMX Integration: Take control with ease using DMX technology. ColorFlex Spectrum DMX integrates seamlessly into DMX control systems, making it the ideal choice for professional lighting installations.
Energy-Efficient: Strike the perfect balance between brilliance and sustainability. ColorFlex Spectrum DMX maximizes energy efficiency, reducing power consumption without compromising visual impact.
Long-Lasting Performance: Engineered for excellence, ColorFlex Spectrum DMX delivers consistent and enduring performance. Trust in its durability to withstand the test of time and illuminate your vision for years to come.
Step into the realm of dynamic lighting artistry with ColorFlex Spectrum DMX LED Tape Light – Where DMX Control Meets Limitless Colors in Motion. Unleash your creativity and craft unforgettable lighting experiences that inspire, engage, and leave a lasting impression


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