Hardscape LED Profile

Introducing the Hardscape LED Profile – a fusion of superior quality, optimal performance, and modern design aesthetics. Its multi-purpose design allows for creative applications across various projects, making it an ideal addition to
your lighting solutions.




  • Dimensions: 33 mm (W) x 11 mm (H) x 1000/2000 mm (L)
  • Material: 6063 Aluminium Alloy with PC Opal Diffusion Cover
  • Recommended Flexistrips: Lucid X Series
  • View Angle: 180°
  • Maximum Wattage: 20 W/m
  • Kits Components: 2 End Caps per Meter


Product Description

Key Features:
High-Quality Aluminium: Constructed with top-grade aluminium, the Hardscape LED Profile offers unparalleled durability and longevity. Its strong build quality ensures it withstands demanding conditions while maintaining its sleek appearance.
Superior Light Diffusion: Equipped with superior light diffusion technology, this LED profile delivers a soft and consistent lighting effect. By evenly spreading light, it minimizes harsh shadows and reduces glare, creating a pleasant and welcoming environment.
Excellent Thermal Management: The aluminium composition of the Hardscape LED Profile allows for efficient heat dissipation. This ensures your LED strip maintains optimal performance and longevity, keeping your spaces beautifully lit for longer periods.
Decorative Edge Protection Trim Solution: Beyond providing quality lighting, this LED profile serves as a decorative edge protection trim. Ideal for transitions between tiles in bathrooms or kitchens, it adds a touch of elegance to your project.
Versatile Applications: With its sleek design, the Hardscape LED Profile is perfect for creating a seamless and minimalist lighting solution. Whether it’s under the stairs, under coping, or as a finishing trim on wall edges, it delivers a modern and stylish ambiance to any space.
Modern Design: The Hardscape LED Profile is more than a lighting solution – it’s a design element. Its modern aesthetic enhances the visual appeal of your space, making it a brilliant addition to your architectural project.
With the Hardscape LED Profile, you’re not just installing a lighting fixture – you’re adding a stylish element that blends functionality and design, perfect for any project that calls for a seamless and chic lighting solution.


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Aluminium Profile
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